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The Mum-ray brand was founded in 2008 and specializes in the production of women's and men's bags and handbags. Hand-sewn luggage from Lucie Michalcová's Prague workshop is for everyone who likes their things, is interested in where and how they were made, and wants them to be with them for a long time. Our products are manufactured exclusively in the territory of the Czech Republic. We create them with respect for craftsmanship, human labor, and the environment.

I would like to describe the story of how Lucia and I actually met and why we started working together on the redesign of her e-shop

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How we met

I met Lucia under interesting circumstances. It was summer and I was looking for a way to find a festival that takes place in Prague. On the way, I met a girl who asked me if I knew where the festival was. Since we both didn't know it, we started searching together. We started talking about who does what and Lucia mentioned that she makes handbags, I was very interested and she showed me her website. It immediately struck me that it has an outdated design. As she showed me on the phone, it didn't respond either. Normally I couldn't look at it and I especially liked her purses and bags so it was a shame not to help her. I suggested that I design and redesign her e-shop. She agreed and I think that our cooperation brought a big change in her web design, as she confirmed. I was lucky to be able to deal with such an interesting project. One never knows what one will meet on the street :)

Project Brief

Project Type: Individual

Tools Used: 

· Illustrator

· Dreamweaver 

· Photoshop

Timeline: 3 Weeks

Business Analysis

Lucia had an exact idea of how the website should look. As a fashion designer, she has a high sense of design. Therefore, our cooperation and requests went quite easily.

Lucia is used to solving everything herself. She knows his customers quite well. Moreover, the website also developed in this direction. I mainly focused on clean and responsive design to make her product stand out


We used the Framework to develop the website, which ensured the functionality of creating a high-quality responsive design.

We used several variants and combinations when designing. Clean and simple design won

Lucia needed to modify the logo, so I improved it


The old Mumray logo did not fit into the new web design. I had to adjust its color and texture.

User Interface

Some user interface practices are meant to lead to the overall design goal. Other approaches are meant to guide the designer's tendencies. Here is a visual representation of the e-shop